My name is Rizal Alfiannor (24th), a web developer focused on Backend Developer. I started from making a website only with HTML and bot scripts for fun since 2010. Then focus as a Backend Developer when I begin my professional career. Javascript (NodeJS) and PHP is my favorite language as a Backend Developer.

Backend Developer consists of three parts that a user never sees: a server, an application, and a database.

Server and Networking

I was once a participant in a student vocational competition to represent my district area, and that’s I began to many studies about server and networking. In cloud technology, I’m used to using Google Cloud Platform.

Programming Language

I worked with PHP for 3 years, before I began my professional career. Since April 2018, I went to Bekasi, West Java to start my professional career and move to Javascript (NodeJS) as a server side programming language. Now, micro service architecture has been used by many people in the world, I always like any programming language as long as it can solve the problem.

Let us study things that are no more. It is necessary to understand them, if only to avoid them - Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Contact Me

If you see this web, that’s my reason for sharing anything that I like in the world. You can find me on almost social media. I always open anything questions for me and suggest to contact me on facebook except you want to contact me for the business you can find me on Linkedin or Email. Hacktober Fest 2018